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After being passed over for a big promotion at work, Miranda discovers that she can control the world via her
model railway. A bittersweet comedy about a derailed woman, trying to mould herself to the institution but ultimately finding the power within to create her own.



Miranda is a woman who has dedicated herself to her job but when the interview day for a big promotion comes up, she is overlooked in favour of a man who is everything she's not. Returning home, she takes refuge in her hobby, her model railway. Fuelled by anger she paints a figure to resemble the man who pipped her to the post and maniacally runs over him with a tiny train. At work the next day, she is shocked to find that her revenge fantasy has played out in real life, her competitor is in hospital after an accident on the railway tracks. Miranda is given her dream job in his stead. Miranda can’t quite believe her luck and checks her power by painting a Deliveroo driver. All is confirmed when the driver knocks on her door. The next day she decides to use her power for good, when she sees her neighbour has lost her cat, and paints a window cleaner saving Chairman Meow, from a nearby tree.

Buoyed by her new found power, she is emboldened to pursue the office romance she had previously been too shy to act upon. But as she tries to paint her fantasy life she is overwhelmed with the unquenchable desire for more and more. She accidentally sets the model railway on fire and her boyfriend nearly dies as a result. She throws away the broken railway, leaves her job and sets up her own business; a miniature golf course.

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